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Carbide Dies

  RCD Carbide Die Products

If you want the best end products manufactured at the lowest real price (price per piece minus rejects), then you want to form your metal using RCD carbide dies. RCD assures you of a tight tolerance and a long lasting die - all at a low price and with prompt delivery. Basically, with RCD you get unbeatable products and customer service from the custom carbide die specialists.
Carbide Dies
Cold Forming Dies
Drawing Die

Tungsten Carbide Drawing Dies
RCD produces carbide drawing dies in both the standard configurations (round, square, hexagonal and rectangle) and in custom shapes as specified by our customers CAD drawings.

RCD drawing dies are typically used to draw wire, rod, bar, and tube. Commonly drawn materials include steel alloys, aluminum alloys, and copper alloys. See drawing dies for more information.

Tungsten Carbide Shaving Dies
RCD manufactures both shaving dies and inserts in a wide range of sizes and with a variety of rake or face angles.

RCD shaving dies are typically used to remove surface defects that are introduced in the drawing process. The shaving process can be used on steel alloys, aluminum alloys, and copper alloys.


Hex Shaped Drawing Die
carbide shaving dies
Shaving Die

Tungsten Carbide Extrusion Dies
With over 40 years of experience behind us, RCD can manufacture a wide variety of extrusion dies and tooling. Examples include both extrusion and pointing dies, and a wide variety of extruding tooling such as mandrels, dummy blocks and die holders. Basically we produce anything you need for your extrusion process.

Extrusion dies are typically used in an operation where a slug is forced through a carbide die, creating a cross-sectional shape as dictated by the extrusion die. Extruding operations can be performed at a variety of temperatures and with a variety of materials. Extruded materials include, steels, copper, aluminum, nickel, tin, lead and a variety of alloys.

Swaging Dies
RCD also produces tungsten carbide swaging dies, in one, two or four piece configurations. With RCD tungsten carbide swaging dies you receive a significantly longer lasting die, made to your specifications.

RCD swaging dies are generally used in a manufacturing process commonly referred to as rotary swaging. In rotary swaging, a point is created out of a material using a swaging die, this taper is then sized correctly to be used in the next operation which could be extruding or cold drawing.

Mandrels and Plugs
RCD manufactures mandrels and plugs. Including braze-type mandrels, shaped mandrels, sleeve mandrels, floating plugs, single pointing dies and push pointing dies. RCD also produces a wide variety of high quality custom carbide tooling for cold heading and cold forming.


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